Apple will be a threat to car manufacturers

Apple -car -image

Apple Car Rendering - source BMWBLOG

Whether the Apple will produce a car or not? No one can answer exactly this question; however, Tim Cook, who is the CEO of this brand want to suggest for the fan by some jokes that make people feel curious. A number of manufacturers have to worry about a self-driving car of Apple or Google will dominate the world.

Although Tim Cook doesn’t mention much to the project with the name “Apple car” because there are several entanglements with the shareholders. For the shareholders, he is usually known as a person who gives the recommendations for the Apple to develop more. When he was asked about an electric bicycle, he said that “do you remember that when you are a kid, and the Christmas night is very happy and you cannot know what is happening on the ground floor?”

Besides, this is not the first time when he talks about the Apple car. In a recent interview, he avoided answering this question, but he describes his engineer as a curious person and discovering the technology. Apart from this evidence, Apple took the advantage of a hundred of engineers from other car manufacturers and other technologies, including Tesla, Ford, GM, Samsung, A123 Systems, and Nvidia to work on a big project, named the Project titan. It means that there remains more evidence to prove the project of Apple car is the truth.

Apple has been detected to registering 3 domains that relate to the car, consisting of,, and (“car”, “auto” mean the car in English). The information about the domains showed that Apple registered from the December of the last year throughout a company with the MarkMonitor domain. However, until now, all these domains don’t work.

It is probably that this registration relates to the car play entertainment system for the car of Apple. However, the field of the technology believes that these domains were registered to serve the purpose of developing a car of this brand in the future.