Disclosed three colour versions of supper product Galaxy S7

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It is not sure that beside 3 colors above, is any other version that Galaxy S7 have?

Just one week more, Samsung will formally proclaim couple of superior smartphone Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge in MWC 2016 event. This is two out of top flagships which the users are looking forward the most in this year. And very recently, 3 color versions of Galaxy S7 smartphone has been disclosed.

Particularly, from @evleaks, Android Authority website said that Galaxy S7 in this year will release basely with 3 color versions, those are copper gold, silver gray and black. In general, these three color versions do not make the users surprised because Samsung have performed similar colors in last year.

The only one remarkable point in this couple products of Galaxy S7 in this year is the size of the products. @evleaks said that this is the first time Samsung release 2 smartphone in one generation but they have significant difference about the size. Galaxy S7 edge will be bigger than Galaxy S7.

Android Authority rumors that Galaxy S7 will has 5,1 inch of screen, means that it is bigger its sister Galaxy S6, but Galaxy S7 edge with the curved screen will have 5.5 inch for both two sides, bigger than Galaxy S7, but it is still smaller than the line products of Note and S6 edge plus which Samsung released last year.

Beside the changes of the screen sizes, the users is also interested in the feature of designing. According to leaked pictures previously and currently, possibility that Galaxy S7 is still similar Galaxy S6. Aluminum and glass are main materials for the design.

Obviously, some parts have been changed on Galaxy S7. As the leaked pictures, on the back of Galaxy S7 will be created a curved surface forward to both side of device body, instead of completely flat as normal. Basely, this change is to help the users keep the device conveniently and more comfortable, reduce the slippery feeling.

Also from this source, Samsung will use new technology on Galaxy S7, it help to reduce the convexity of the camera. Now, the convex part of this flagship is just the border to protect the device instead of whole sensor cluster. But the user need to accept the fact that the resolution of the camera will be decreased.

Currently, rumored configurations of Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge comprise two versions of microprocessor Snapdragon 820 from Qualcomm and Exynos by Samsung itself, 4 Gb of RAM, 32 Gb of internal memory, main camera reduce down to 12 MP, aperture f/1.7 used chip DAC for high-grade audio to play music better.

According to Vietnam information sources, Galaxy S7 will has price between 17,99 million dong to 18,99 million dong in Vietnam. While Galaxy S7 edge was moroured that with bigger screen and unique curved screen will has higher price, between 19,99 million dong to 20,99 million dong.