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  • 1. Product development

    When packaged software solutions fail to address business needs and technology challenges, or when employing software development team in house is not a cost effective strategy, many companies depend on trusted technology services solutions like S3.

    Having partnered with many companies who are the leaders in their business, S3 has consistently demonstrated high quality, high performance, and reliable results through successful execution of complex software development projects for our customers. Employing skilled and experienced resources in software, Web, and mobile application development and through application of best practice software development methodologies, S3 continues to serve our customers repeatedly year after year. Our spectrum of software development services ranges from helping customers to maintain their software system, through fixing bugs and enhancing existing software, to developing full package software from scratch.

  • 2. Product verification

    Product Quality is the key to success of every organization. With proven experience in testing a variety of software, hardware, and integrated systems ranging from desktop and Web applications to network and wireless devices, as well as complex telecommunication systems, we set high goals to enable our customers to deliver their products to market with minimum defects.

    We add value at every step of the software verification life cycle, starting from test estimation, test strategy development, and execution until the completion of customer acceptance test. Based on customer requirement, the flexibility we offer to our customers covers a full range of testing services and activities with suitable best practices.

  • 3. Automation testing

    Customers are under constant pressure to release products to the market in the shortest possible time. This poses huge threats to a business because launching an untested or poorly tested product is a recipe for disaster. Such situations pose huge challenges for the quality assurance teams to ensure the thousands of test cases needed to be performed and passed are conducted with every build.

    In addition, while the task of completing various types of testing remains, the release dates of products remains unchanged. How to release a product to the market in a shorter time? How to release the patches to the customer within 1 to 3 days? How to continue and maintain high quality standards? Obviously, an automated testing tool is the best choice to answer these questions.

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