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"Growing Together" is the foundation of our company, where we work with our employees, customers, and partners to create an outstanding collaboration. We have built a strong foundation of experts to enable our company and stakeholders to pursue our goals and prosper in a competitive market.

Our missions

    • To be a leader of innovation in the Vietnam software Industry to promote software development competency of Vietnam in the global market
    • To be the best in class value service provider for our stakeholders
    • To deliver the best services and satisfactions to employees, customers and partners
    • To enable our partners to enhance their business and social value through the use of information technology

Our values

    • Client centric and client focused
    • Honesty and Integrity
    • Commitment to results and predictable delivery
    • Dedication to quality and pride in work
    • Innovative and change leaders focused on business and social development
    • Respect for the individual and continuous investment in our own human resources

Security and privacy policy

    • We do not disclose any personal or business information concerning our clients and partners via well-defined security policies and training
    • All of our projects and information are insured by our insurance partner
    • We guarantee our clients security and safety of source code that we deliver on each stage of software development project.