Company meeting

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July 25, 2013

Company meeting

On 6th July, 2013, S3 organized a Company meeting for all the employees and members in the Board of Executives (BOE) in Wasaco building, Tan Binh district.

The meeting kicked off with an informative update from the CEO, Mr. Toan Nguyen, on the company’s latest changes in the organization structure. Mr. Toan also introduced the company’s new strategies, objectives and performance based bonus system, which are planned to come into effect in 2013. In order to meet the global market’s needs, it is essential to take collaborative actions along with the efficiencies radical resource use to make S3Corp as a competitive software outsourcing provider on the market, said Mr. Toan.

The highlight of the meeting was the part when all of employees’ questions and suggestions addressed and listened by the managers. All the members in the BOE welcomed all the questions and attempted to provide the most comprehensive answers and explanations to the issues from the staff. This section enhanced the effectiveness in the open communication between the management team and the employees, which makes S3 a friendly working environment. The meeting closed with satisfaction from the employees and suggestions for future development for the management team.