ReactJS Training Course

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October 13, 2017

ReactJS Training Course

ReactJS is the powerful JavaScript library created by Facebook to handle user interfaces for web applications. It is one of the hottest technology on the block and is essential for any web developer.

With the purpose to improve human resources quality, S3 Corp incessantly raises the quality of training with both side of hard skills and soft skills to enhance the quality of engineers, as well as increase their knowledge to keep up with new trend of world technologies. That’s why Training team organized a training class on REACTJS on October 11th, 2017.


The course was hosted by Mr. Vuong Dao, a technical guy with years of experience working on Javascript; especially, focusing on ReactJS.

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In this topic, our speaker took us through a short tour from basic steps to advanced steps to work in project. There was following main sessions:


  1. What is ReactJS and how it works?
  2. Why we choose ReactJS instead of others?
  3. Demo and assignment
  4. Q&A


After this course, our attendees had the opportunity to be trained and discuss with one another on different aspects of ReactJS, from knowledge foundation, its tools to best practices.


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Many thanks to Mr. Vuong Dao for interesting sessions you brought to the class with such a comfortable and funny learning environment.
Also, We would like to say big thanks to all of audiences for your taking time to join with us. We hope that you found the training informative and worthwhile. Our primary goal was to provide you overview about new technical trend and hope it will be useful in your work now or future.


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See you in the next training season.