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April 20, 2023

S3Corp's Technical Sharing Session: How to Work with Golang

At S3Corp., we always put a high value on and spend a lot of effort on the continuous learning and growth of our team members. We believe that there must be a culture of ongoing learning and development for our employees to reach their full potential. In this sense, S3Corp. organized a technical sharing session titled "How to Work With Golang" for all members who are interested.


S3Corp . Golang

Discover the Power of Golang Programming Language

So, Why Golang? Golang, also known as Go, is a programming language developed by Google. It is a statically typed, compiled language that is intended to be effective, scalable, and simple to use. Golang has become incredibly popular among developers in recent years, and it is widely used in network programming, cloud computing, and large-scale web applications.


S3Corp . Golang Training


The training session was intended to assist our development team in understanding and mastering the powerful Golang programming language along with the tools they would need to advance their level of expertise.


The Golang training session began with an overview of the language, including variables, functions, arrays, and loops, its syntax, and its distinctive features. The trainers emphasized that in order to build a strong foundation for more complex coding, it is crucial to understand the fundamentals of Golang.


S3Corp . Golang Project B


The training then moved on to more advanced topics such as concurrency, channels, and error handling. The trainers gave examples of how to use these features to build reliable, scalable, and effective applications that can handle heavy traffic. They also gave examples of how Golang is used in real-world settings, including the medical, banking, and e-commerce industries.


S3Corp . Golang Project


During the training, our software development team had the chance to practice using Golang and create custom applications. Through this practical approach, they were able to comprehend the language and its potential on a deeper level.


S3Corp's Commitment to Lifelong Learning and Development

In order to ensure that our team members continue to grow, S3Corp. believes that a supportive training environment is crucial. The Golang training session was just one of many steps S3Corp took to promote a culture of lifelong learning. To stay on the cutting edge of software development, we encourage our team members to take the lead in their learning process and to experiment with new technologies.


The technical sharing session on "How to Work With Golang" was a beneficial learning experience for the development team at S3Corp. Through practical experimentation, the team members were able to explore the language's capabilities and gain a deeper understanding of its characteristics.