Scholarships for Da Lat University Students

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October 09, 2013

Scholarships for Da Lat University Students

On the 9th October, 2013, S3 Corp. attended the New School Year Opening Ceremony at the Math Department, Da Lat University. On this occasion, 5 scholarships were granted to 5 senior students.

These are students who have good to excellent academic results and those who have overcome tremendous adversity in life to achieve their dreams of education. The scholarship not only inspires the passion and interest in Mathematics and Computer Science to all the students, it also encourages their determination and strength to rise above all the impossible difficulties to achieve their goals. 

During the trip, the students had the opportunity to meet and talk to Da Lat University alumni who are currently working at S3. Mr. Toan, CEO and Co-founder of S3, presented an informative introduction about S3 services and business domains, which gave the students a clearer view of the IT industry in Vietnam and the current trend in the technologies used. After that, the students’ insight in testing services and Agile Scrum methodology was significantly gained from Mr. Long’s talk about QA & QC work, as well as some of the most popular and effective working methodologies.  Ms. Khanh, representing HR and Recruitment teams, provided the students with some tips to have a good CV and several popular job hunting channels for IT work. English skills are still one of the weaknesses of IT students, which were addressed in Ms. Thao’s discussion on how to learn English effectively. The meeting closed with some work experience from Mr. Bien, one of the Da Lat University alumni at S3 Corp. The meeting aimed to give the students the inspiration in learning and a sense of career orientation before they graduate.

A lot of questions and were raised, particularly about career opportunities and technologies. This shows the students’ interests in the IT industry and concerns in their future goals. The trip was a success thanks to the great support from Da Lat University Teaching staff and sufficient preparation of everyone in S3 crew.