Students from Singapore Management School Visit S3 Corp.

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November 19, 2013

Students from Singapore Management School Visit S3 Corp.

Leveraging an original educational approach that helps learners move beyond classroom lectures, on November 18th, 2013, students from Singapore Management School (SMU) had a visit at S3 Corp.

In this trip, they had a chance to participate in a real life business situation that yields insights into how an IT company operates through a variety of difficulties, turning challenges to opportunities.

At the meeting, the students presented their understandings about S3 Corp., along with several profound suggestions and proposals for business improvement. After that, they heard from the CEO, Mr. Toan, about developing and executing innovative management strategies at S3 Corp., the opportunities and obstacles we faced through the years, and then, toured the companies’ facilities. Students were given the opportunity to ask questions ranging from how the company was reacting to particular challenges in the market, innovative management practices, and various aspects of the company's missions, values, recruiting strategies and industry trends.

Through the trip, students were able to get direct exposure to companies that are leading their industries and enhanced extensive interactions with businesspeople. Besides, such activities challenge students to make connections between academic theory and real-world practice. In addition, S3 Corp. representatives were strongly impressed with the students’ well-prepared presentations and professional knowledge.