Year-End 2023 | Activities Highlights

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February 16, 2024

S3Corp Celebrated 2023: Shaping the Future and Growing Together

As 2023 came to an end, S3Corp., a leading software development company in Vietnam, celebrated the year's achievements and looked towards the future with the exciting theme, "Shape the Future, Grow Together."
This article is going to cover the events scheduled for this momentous occasion.

Tet Gift Offering: Joy and Gratitude

The Tet Gift Offering kicked off the celebrations. Acknowledging the significance of family and celebrations during Tet, S3Corp. offered each individual a unique gift package containing a variety of things.


YEP Tet -gift Offering Team


Each S3 employee received these heartfelt gifts as a token of gratitude for their hard work and dedication, which enabled them to spend the Lunar New Year with their loved ones. This highlighted the company's dedication to appreciating its employees in some way.


Company Meeting: Reflection and Recognition.

S3Corp. also organized a company meeting on February 1st, 2024, in the afternoon. It served as an occasion to gather all members to share stories, celebrate achievements, and recognize the obstacles they had overcome as a team.


Company Meeting S3Corp CEO Speech.


Mr. Linh Le, the CEO, presented the year's new theme, "Shape the future, grow together." The theme expresses the concept that S3Corp. is a forward-looking company that values innovation and growth. It also emphasizes the value of teamwork and collaboration, both of which are necessary to succeed.


Company Meeting S3Corp.


During the business meeting, S3Corp. rewarded excellent team members with promotions, motivating them for future success.


Year-End Party: Embracing Success and the Future

The Year-End Party at Diamond Palace served as the final activity. This unique event brought together employees, partners, and close friends in the spirit of collaboration and celebration.


YEP Chairwoman S3Corp.


The opening exciting performances set the mood for significant words by the CEO and Chairwoman, who expressed gratitude for previous achievements and inspired excitement for the upcoming year.


Apart from acknowledging hard work and achievements, the speech would also highlight how crucial it is for S3Corp. to develop our employees. This emphasis on personal development is in line with the theme's focus on shaping the future, indicating that S3Corp values both employee performance and personal growth, as well as contributions to the community and the organization.


Year End Party S3Corp.


The lucky draw provided an element of excitement to the evening, leaving everyone hopeful and energized, while the musical performance and energetic exchanges reinforced the sense of belonging and shared purpose. This joyous celebration was a powerful reminder of the S3Corp. family approach, full of excitement and hope for the coming year.



Stepping into 2024 with new energy and a shared vision

As the year-end party faded, S3Corp carried joy, shared experiences, and hope into the new year. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in making this night remarkable, as well as to everyone who has supported and accompanied S3Corporation in 2023 and beyond.


YEP All Teams S3Corp.


We've had an incredible year together, and with the theme "Shape the Future, Grow Together" guiding us, we're ready to make 2024 even more spectacular.