The first store without seller of Sweden

The First Store Without Seller Of Sweden

Normally, we are too familiar with the stores on the sidewalks which have the images of friendly sellers. They guide us how to make a choice of goods as well as give the best instructionfor us about which kinds of goods is the most suitable ones and can meet our basic needs. However, with the development of the technology, a grocery store in Sweden that sells necessities without the support of the service personnel has been opened in Viken town, north of Sweden.

According to the AP, this store serves the customers all night. With this service, the customers can put an end to the fear of buying goods at the late night. In addition, this form of grocery stores is more and more convenient because the buyers don’t need to ask the sellers. What the buyers need to do is downloading the purchase application on mobile phones and manipulates the necessary steps to open and select the goods they want to buy.


This kind of store has the origin from a Swede lived in Viken town, North of Sweden whose name is Robert Ilijason. This idea suggests itself to him when his son cried because he felt hungry at night. The 39 - year old man was too tired and he thought that he will create this system.

Depending on this idea, he built the mobile application development to sell goods. The client just needs to register an account to use the service and download an application. They will manipulate on their smartphones to open the stores and make the payment by scanning the barcode of the products. The bill will be sent monthly for them.

This grocery store sells many kinds of goods, including milk, bread, canned foods, baby diapers and more products as a normal store. Besides the similarities, the stores also have some differences that make it become more outstanding. This form of the store doesn’t sell cigarette and medicines to avoid thieves. Furthermore, there is no wine in this store because, in Sweden, all kinds of wine are banned in terms of the regulations of the government.

Ilijason said that he has a dream to widen this system to other towns or even other countries. He had a high sense of satisfaction because no one can have this creation before.

Ilijason hopes that this form will help grocery stores to reduce the fee for service personnel and saving money will bring this form to the country sides. For many decades, small stores are replaced by supermarkets, but these supermarkets are far from their house about hundred kilometers. It is very inconvenient. He also verified that he has just received the goods, put it on the shelves, and the customers will do the rest part which is considered as self-treatment.

Furthermore, he also installs 6 cameras to prevent stealing in the stores. There is a special feature of this form. When a customer opens the door more than 8 seconds or someone tries to break the door, the message will be sent to his mobile phone. Thanks to this security system, there is no error during the business process.

Besides advantages, this store also remains some shortcoming. The most outstanding disadvantage is that this kind of store is inconvenient for the older generation because they have to learn the way of using this application on a mobile phone.

Mr. Tuve Nilsson said that he felt very happy when he can approach the new technology and it supported him when he lived alone, but everything has two sides, and this form is not an exception. He cannot be familiar with manipulating on the mobile phone.

To deal with this problem, Mr. Ilijason tries to find out a new method to open the store without using the application. He removed the ability to use a facial recognition device or fingerprint. However, he will take the card readers into the consideration.

In the near future, this young businessman will hire an employee who will work some hours per day in the store to guide the customer who cannot use the modern technology.

For other people, they have a deep passion about the store without the sellers because it can help them save a lot of time. Arvidsson .Raymon, a friend of Ilijason concluded that he loves this store because he can buy goods faster and faster. He doesn’t need to line up and do normal procedures. He loves it.

With the regardless of disadvantages for the older people, this store is magical and can meet fully people’s requirements. In the modern life, people have a tendency to pay more attention to earning a living. They don’t have time to do unnecessary things. They just like something which is fast and convenient. In comparison with the normal store, the price of each item is equivalent. In the event of buying in normal stores, people sometimes have to line up and wait for their turn to pay for goods. They will waste a long time to wait for payment. This doesn’t make sense because they are exhausted after the overload of working and studying. Furthermore, they also cannot buy the necessary things on the late nights. Because almost all stores just open till 9 pm and they will close afterward. The time will have an adverse effect on the buyers. In some cases, they need to buy at the night to serve the necessary situations.

In the nutshell, the new technology always brings to us a wide range of benefits. If we cannot keep up with the modern technology, we have to learn it in a hard and expensive way. The store without sellers is the most impressive one. We can do everything with our phones. Hopefully, in the future, all stores can apply this form to improve their selling system and make the customers feel more comfortable when they buy goods. It can erase the fear of the queue or the procedures during the process of purchasing.