Tips For Successful Software Outsourcing


We also need to consider that the customer and professional for the success of the project. We see not only the success in this fields, some of them are failures as they depend way too much on cost saving in selecting the professional for their software development.

In this generation, the best outsourcing country is considered as Vietnam software outsourcing as they have highly professional IT employees, with brilliant English speaking skills, who can successfully deliver high quality services to overseas with very less fee. But as a customer, we should be careful in selecting the experienced professional for our development otherwise our project will be at high risk.

Here are tips for company before taking a critical decision in choosing a software outsourcing service provider

Have an apparent goal

S3Corp Apparent Goal

You will gain nothing if you don’t know where you are going to. The apparent goal like a road map that will show the best way to go. In software outsourcing alike, a clear goal will help not only you to know which vendor will fit your requirements but also help the outsourcing software provider measuring the project and providing a suitable team. Some other benefits of having a clear goal are:

  • Choosing what type of outsourcing software: nearshore, onshore, or offshore
  • Measuring the money that you will spend
  • Choosing what type of outsourcing models: staff augmentation, dedicated team, or project-based model.
  • Choosing the methodology
  • Having a clear goal can help to have a clear requirement.

Cross- Cultural Compatibility Study

Not all the times, but the cultural differences and similarities of your software outsourcing vendor (professional software developer) determines the overall productivity based on the economic status and political condition of that country.

Cross -Cultural-Software-outsourcing

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We can also notice that the country which is popular for outsourcing will have many overseas clients and it means that the quality of service is trust worthy.

Cost of Contract

The most obvious benefit for any overseas company for outsourcing their projects is COST. Even when the local developers have better skill set, companies prefer outsourcing in overseas to reduce the cost.

Cost Of Software Outsourcing Contract

So while signing a software outsourcing contract, be assure about the clear cost and payment process. This will help the company avoid the hidden cost, which somehow might bring disappointment later on. Normally, a good software outsourcing company like S3Corp. will have a clear cost and process for you before you sign the contract.

Say 'No' to the cheap one

Even though outsourcing service assures the cost-saving, many companies still fall in the temptation of choosing the cheapest or lowest cost. Some outsourcing providers can provide the quality of the product. Yet, the probability of this is rare. No one can assure a cheap price will equal with the best quality. The quality of the product will equal the amount of money that you spend.

Big Company And Great Outsourcing Service

The most common mistake done by customers is to approaching small companies with low cost for software outsourcing. They assign the fresher or team members for low budget projects and quality of our software may differ. They lack of experience, because the number of projects handling would be less.

If you have considered a big company, you can get highly experienced professional to work for our project. So based on this, it is always preferable to outsource in big companies than small companies.

Managing Offshore Team

The common drawback in outsourcing is managing teams from your location to another location. Where project delivery is delayed if you are not conducting weekly meetings and knowing the status.

It is always advised to know the status by having regular meetings with offshore manager and fix the issues if any for better results.

You can use the following tools for communicating such as Skype, Google hangout, Slack. Besides that, if you want to know what is going on with the project or how it is going, Jira/Trello will be a good choice. These tools will play a significant role which helps you to manage the team easily.


Managing Offshore Software Outsourcing Team

NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

One of the risk for hiring software outsourcing services is the leaking of confidential information or data. Before you sign the contract, make sure that the outsourcing software provider is willing to sign the contract of NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). This will make you more confident in sharing the data with a third-party.

Most of the time, your software outsourcing partner will not let the leaking data happen. However, in some cases, if your third-party provider is also suffering from leaking confidential data, you may get the same trouble. Therefore, the best way is to consider carefully what could be shared. This might help you minimized the risk of this issue.

Verify Their Past Experience, Expertise and Testimonials

Last but not least factor to consider, the projects undertaken and deliveries in the past gives much required information about the software outsourcing company. The level of experience and expertise will come to know from the previous projects. If the employees are already worked in same domain as your project, it will benefit your project the most with their expertise and good knowledge they already have.

It is always preferable to choose a vendor who has past experience in your project domain which leads to better results.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a software outsourcing service provider might be a tough challenge. It required you to spend much energy and effort. The more carefully consider in choosing software outsourcing providers, the more high-quality product you will receive. Above are some tips for you before they make a critical decision in hiring an outsourcing software provider. However, it may not be possible for an outsourcing customer to verify all the above steps at least few them must be satisfied for benefit of your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is software outsourcing?

Software outsourcing is a business strategy where a company or organization hires external service providers or companies to create, develop, or maintain software applications or projects. These third parties, who are often headquartered in other locations, are in charge of providing the required software solutions, leaving the client company to focus on its core business activities.

What is a software outsourcing company?

A software outsourcing company, sometimes referred to as a software development outsourcing company is a business that concentrates on providing software-related services to other businesses. These companies hire teams of capable software developers, designers, and engineers to perform projects on behalf of their clients. Customers may choose from a wide range of software development services since software outsourcing companies are knowledgeable about various technologies and development methodologies.

What is the software development procedure?

The software development process is a planned and rigorous approach to creating software applications or systems. Gathering requirements, designing, creating, testing, deploying, and maintaining are just a few of the phases and duties that are involved. This process makes sure that software projects are planned, carried out, and managed effectively and ensures the provision of high-quality software that meets the specified demands and goals. Numerous methodologies, including Agile, Waterfall, and DevOps, may be used to guide the software development process, depending on the features and goals of the project.

What impact does having a defined goal in software outsourcing have?

In outsourcing software, having a clear goal serves as a project road plan. It helps define the project's scope, choose an outsourcing model, plan the budget, choose a methodology, and clarify the requirements. The success of both you and your outsourcing partner depends on this clarity.

How does cultural compatibility affect software outsourcing?

Cultural compatibility may significantly influence the productivity and success of a software outsourcing project. Differences in the culture, economy, and political atmosphere of the nation where the project is being outsourced may have an impact on communication, collaboration, and project success. Understanding and regulating these factors is aided by a thorough research of cross-cultural compatibility.

Why is it crucial to be careful when discussing the price of a software outsourcing contract?

To avoid unwanted financial surprises, it's crucial to be cautious when calculating the cost of a software outsourcing contract. A precise and open cost structure must be defined in the contract to prevent unforeseen expenses during the project. Transparency is a top goal for trustworthy outsourcing firms in this field.

Should I always choose the cheapest outsourcing option to save costs?

No, choosing the least expensive outsourcing option is not always the best decision. Although there are numerous advantages to outsourcing, quality shouldn't be compromised in order to save costs. Quality and degree of investment often align. To achieve a balance between cost-efficiency and quality, it's essential to choose a reliable outsourcing partner.

Why should you choose a larger outsourcing company over a smaller one?

Working with an established outsourcing company provides a lot of advantages. Bigger companies often have access to highly qualified people with a range of skill sets. They are more equipped to handle difficult jobs and ensure excellent standards. Smaller companies could assign less skilled team members to low-budget projects, which might affect the final product's quality.