Pros and Cons of Offshore Software Development

A quick note for those who are not familiar with the term offshore software development: It is a type of outsourcing in which you will hire a third-party software provider from a distant country. Then, let them handle the complex tasks relating to programming for your project.

For example, you are a US-based company. And you will hire a software development company in Vietnam to handle your project. 

The fundamental reason for companies opting for offshore software outsourcing is the advantage of lower labor rates. It can save you lots of time and money without sacrificing the quality of the project. This point might sound interested and attractive. It can be a solution for the limited budget and lack of human resources. Yet, before hiring the offshore development team, you need to consider some significant drawbacks.

To help you evaluate whether offshore software development is the right choice for your business or not, S3Corp. has listed the pros and cons of offshore software development. Hence, it can help you to make a decision with total transparency.

Let's dive into it

Benefits Of Offshore Software Development

Advantages of Offshore Software Development

Lower Costs

When you start building any software project, cost reduction will be on top of consideration. For the US-based company, most of the offshore countries like India, China, Ukraine, Vietnam have low-cost labor than the US developers.

Hence, offshore software companies can charge you less than the same service in your country. Meaning to say, by opting for offshore software development, you will spend less without sacrificing your project quality or level of expertise.

Cost Effective S3Corp

These cost-savings can be more practical and play a significant part to business than ever in this year due to the impact of COVID-19.

Indeed, the impact of the pandemic has transformed the market and the way it runs. It increases the demand for any businesses and brand companies to leverage technology; in which they can manage and maintain their business and competitive edge in the market.

On Demand Access to Knowledge and Expertise workforce

Technology is always in the move for something greater and better. Yet, it is also on-demand for IT experts. Many technology fields (including data science, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, DevOps engineers, and some other latest programming languages) are in the shortage of IT specialists.

While hiring IT specialists becomes difficult in your country, resorting to offshore development teams will become great solutions. It will help you to resolve the issues of lacking IT specialists. Moreover, it can release the stress of maintaining and staffing in-house development teams when the project finishes.

The offshore development teams with world-class expertise and experience in these fields can provide knowledge-intensive services based on offshore outsourcing contracts.

Yet, people still wonder about the quality of offshore software developers. The truth will never make you down. Thousands of well-educated software developers graduate every year. The famous offshore software lifecycle development countries (such as Vietnam, Ukraine, India, China) are strongly invested in education, especially in the IT industry. Many specialized courses have been taught in many schools and educational institutions. The purpose is to grow the quantity and the quality of software developers.

This investment will be aiming for growing the number of IT professionals in the fields. Hence, solving the IT shortage situation within the country. Then, providing high-quality ones for the international market.

Time Savings

No one expects that the project is behind the deadlines. The first reason would be the competitive market. The longer your project takes, the more you lose in the market field. The second one might be because of the cost issues. The longer the project takes, the more cost you have to spend. 

Building projects from scratch by yourself is not an easy job. It takes time to hire personnel, develop and deploy. Sometimes it can lead you to stress due to the stress of time and lacking resources. 

Offshore software companies that have experienced various projects can speed up the development processes and deliver the project by the schedule. They have a good introspection on the development processes that combine with the Agile methodology and all other related software development tools. These will ensure the project is delivering on time with continual improvement and flexible responses to change.

Time -savings Offshore Software Development

Besides that, the benefit of working offshore software development company is that you will work with a company in a different time-zone. The overlap of time on the time-zones can be an advantage that helps your project to reduce time-to-market. 

Shared responsibility

When you sign the contract with the offshore software companies, you will step into a win-win relationship. All responsibility will be shared for the best quality of your product. This way also gives your business a chance to transform and grow constantly.

There are hundreds to thousands of offshore software companies. Just like any business, they always desire to provide the best quality services to the clients. In terms of offshore software development, the companies will prioritize the quality of the software projects.

Meaning to say, you are not only the one who cares about the end-results of the projects. The offshore team will do the best to mitigate all the risks, bugs, and dangers related to the project. It will help them to deliver the work to a higher quality.


Reliable offshore software development companies have collaborated with several clients and partners. It also means they have worked on multiple projects in many industries. Hence, offshore software companies have gained strong experience in the field. They are mastering their technical know-how.

The experience makes them get more familiar with utilizing suitable, adaptable, and trending technologies for the project. The regular training to improve the skills of their software developers would be another advantage of offshore. It will help to provide continuous skillful experts for your project. Therefore, they can help you with cutting-edge technology and deliver a high-quality product that makes you stand out from the crowd in the competitive world.

Scaling the IT development team

In the development journey of any business, you will need to scale up/down your resources. Your business or software project may not need the same resources all the time. There are some stages that you need a great number of IT specialists to work on and develop your project. Yet, when your project reaches a certain level, you might need to shrink your development team.

However, the cost spends for scaling up and down the development team would be more expensive. And the way to manage an IT team would not be easy as it sounds.

Delegating all this stuff to your offshore development center would help you save lots of time, money, and energy in building the development team. How? Once you make a partnership with them, the development team will be yours. Yet, the offshore company will take responsibility for the development team. Meaning they will allow you to ask for more staff or cut down a certain number of resources depending on your demand and requirements.


Reliable Offshore Software Development Company S3Corp

This benefit might bring doubt to many people. However, reliability can be a promise of a trust-worthy company. Most of the project will rely on legal contracts like agreements, NDA. These documents will be a guarantee that your project is under the protection and can deploy on time. Moreover, this can help to build trust between them better.

Disadvantages of Offshore Software Outsourcing

Language Barrier

English has become the global language, especially in terms of business transactions. Speaking the common language can help us exchange ideas. Yet, sometimes communication will not go as we expect. Meaning miscommunication might be an issue you need to consider during the working process. It can slow down your project and costs you more time, money, and other serious troubles.

There are various ways of communication such as email, instant message, video calls, virtual meetings. Yet, sometimes the important instructions and requirements are just being missed. Beyond that, in some cases, what you want cannot be understood as its meaning.

Hence, you should spend more time developing a plan and method in which your development team can understand the requirements and documents relating.

Different mindset

The cultural difference will bring you into some unpleasant situations. Understanding this can help you figure out the way and have the plan to develop your project better based on the requirements.

These differences might found in gender issues, religion, culture, traditions, and so on. It also implies the mindset and works ethics. Some companies who have been in the industry for several years, especially in the international markets, might not be a big deal for you. Yet, checking their portfolios and gaining more information or feedback from the one who has collaborated with them would help you fill the gap of this issue.

Data Security

Offshore outsourcing might be a great way for companies to achieve business goals. Yet, when you have to share sensitive data, you should sign a legal document with your partner to protect your data. NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), Security Protocols, and other security documents would be a reference for you to apply on.

Yet, things can come in the way we don't want. Although you sign the legal security documentations, some confidential data could leak with cyberattacks. This leaking is an unexpected situation for both side parties.

Data Security S3Corp

Hence, before signing the contract with the software outsourcing provider, regardless of onshore/offshore/nearshore, you should spend time discussing with your business team and develop a plan with clear guidelines and milestones in which you can protect your data. In that way, you can determine what can share with software providers and what information must be kept confidential.

Wrap Up

In this modern business world, outsourcing software projects to an offshore software company would be a smart strategic move for any enterprise that wants to scale up the business and gain long-term benefits.

Building your in-house development team or outsourcing your project to an offshore company always has its disadvantages. Yet, the benefits of working with offshore software development companies would positively influence costs to spend and increase productivity or scale up your business to a higher level. Their experience, expertise, and specialization in technology would promise that your project is using the latest and trending technologies.

Moreover, you have chance to stay concentrated on your core business while the technology parts can be optimized by your offshore software development partner.

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