S3Corp was on-air on VTC2- Sao Khue Awards

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July 31, 2017

S3Corp was on-air on VTC2- Sao Khue Awards

Last week, S3Corp. was honored to be on-air on VTC2 in "Sao Khuê tỏa sáng" program. This TV program is to honor The IT software outsourcing companies which achieved Sao Khue Awards 2017. 

S3Corp was on-air on VTC2- Sao Khue Awards

Sao Khue awards have been held by VINASA since 2003 to honor individuals and companies who significantly contribute to developing Vietnam’s Software and Information Technology industries.


Since the beginning of S3 Corp. in 2007 up to now, S3 Corp. step by step has become a trust-worthy partner in software industry and been proud to be one of the top Vietnam Software Outsourcing companies.


With strong talent pool of over 250 dynamic engineers, S3Corp. has had significantly reduced on overseas clients development and maintenance costs with competitive-cost delivery.


"We focus not only on product quality but also human resources quality. Our goal is provide superior customer service that meets customer expectations” said Le Vu Linh, CEO S3 Corp.


"Growing Together" is the foundation of S3Corp, where everyone work with each others, customers, and partners to create an outstanding collaboration. S3 Corp. stands on this to build a strong foundation of experts to enable the company and stakeholders to pursue the company goals and prosper in a competitive market.


In the coming time, S3 Corp. will still focus on improve quality service to maintain a position of leading software development services company in Vietnam and international.