S3corp. Year End Party

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January 22, 2016

S3corp. Year End Party

To close a happy year 2015 and cheerfully welcome New Year 2016, Sunrise Software Solutions Company (S3corp) have organized a warm year-end party.

The party have presented of all members in s3 family, partners and dear friends. During 3 hours in the party, all participants have had great time together with a lot of interesting, surprising activities. 


The party started with many traditional games such as “calabash-crab-fish-tiger”, “throw ball into basket”, throw circle into a hole”. These activities were very attractive and got many participants involved in.


Bau Cua Tom Ca


S3_Year End _2015_20160122_02


Beside the HR & QC staffs in company, in this party two beautiful girls - Ms. Hang and Ms. Mai were in the role of MC. The party was very quickly warm-up and vibrant with the leading of Ms. Hang and Ms. Mai by those interesting games. Not only the hand-on games, the intellectual, humorous and the lucky draw (with a lot of surprised gifts) have made the party very excited.


S3_Year End _2015_20160122_26


S3_Year End _2015_20160122_10


The participants have chance to expose their talent of singing by ‘hand-made KARAOKE’. This was also a last activity to close a warm and friendly party.

Instead of thanks, this party is the grace to all friends, those who accompany and support Sunrise Software Solutions during the year and coming years. Thank all of you for your coming and participating in this unique end-year party.