Vietnamese Women's Day 2023

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October 23, 2023

Vietnamese Women's Day 2023 at S3Corp.

Vietnamese Women's Day is a beloved occasion that provides an opportunity for all men to express their love and gratitude for the women in their lives. The purpose of this day is to recognize and appreciate the contributions of mothers, sisters, life partners, and coworkers.

Celebrating Together

Vietnamese Women's Day includes showing appreciation not only within the family but also in the workplace and society. S3Corp. worked hard to make Vietnamese Women's Day 2023 a touching and memorable experience for our beloved women. On this special day, each woman in the S3 family received thoughtfully chosen gifts and encouraging words.


Vietnamese Women Day 2023


S3Men Can Cook

We wanted to make this day of celebration even more memorable by organizing the extraordinary event known as S3Men Can Cook.

S3Men Can Cook


The S3Men Can Cook was an unusual cooking event that celebrated the artistic cooking of a traditional Vietnamese dish called Bánh Xèo. On this special day, teams used it as a cooking playground to showcase their skills and serve tasty dishes to S3 Girls.

Each team consisted of two males. Seven teams had signed up for the event. The task was to make 10 Bánh Xèo dishes within a provided budget. Each team had one hour to complete their tasks.


The Cooking Challenge

On a beautiful afternoon in 20th October 2023, S3Corp. gathered all of our employees on the top floor of our company to celebrate Vietnamese Women's Day in a unique and heartwarming way. The event, "S3MEN CAN COOK," showcased the company's commitment to an inclusive and appreciative workplace culture and was an excellent experience that left everyone with happy times.


S3Men Can Cook Event


The highlight of the event was a cooking challenge between seven talented teams to make a delicious dish. Their unique memories of the well-known Vietnamese dish Bánh Xèo served as inspiration for their cooking creations. This popular Vietnamese delicacy, known for its tasty, crunchy, and flavorful qualities, provided a perfect foundation for the teams to demonstrate how they can cook.

As they started their culinary journey, each team demonstrated an amazing level of commitment and creativity. The mission was straightforward: to make the best Bánh Xèo for the S3 girls who were there to celebrate Vietnamese Women's Day.


Memories in Every Bite

One of the most lovely things about this event was the way that each Bánh Xèo dish carried the stories and memories of the team members. Some drew inspiration from recipes in their families, while others paid honor to regional flavors and customs.




S3Corp. celebrated Vietnamese Women's Day with the "S3MEN CAN COOK" event, which was a touching and fun way to honor female employees. As the internal activity, it served as a reminder of the value of appreciating and acknowledging the contributions of women in the workplace and society in addition to showcasing the cooking abilities of the company's male employees.

Everyone left the event feeling satisfied, united, and with a greater understanding of the place of women in Vietnamese culture and beyond. In the end, it was a delicious and sweet way to wish all the amazing women who work for S3Corp and beyond with such passion, skill, and dedication "Happy Vietnamese Women's Day."